Issue connecting to weblogic JMS Provider

I am using webmethods 7.1.2 with latest patches and i am using JMS Messaging peice to make a connection to the JMS Provider.

  1. Created a JNDI Alias to the weblogic server host and did a test lookup. (worked fine)

  2. Created connection using the following properties

Connection Alias Name TestQueue
Enabled No
Description TestQueue
Transaction Type NO_TRANSACTION

Connection Client ID null
User weblogic
Password *****
Connection Protocol Settings
Create Connection Using JNDI LOOKUP
JNDI Provider Alias TestQueue
Connection Factory Lookup Name testConnectionFactory
Advanced Settings
Maximum CSQ Size 5 Documents
Drain CSQ In Order Yes

I am getting this error

" weblogic.jms.common.JMSException: TemporaryTemplate not found. Please make sure that you have configured a TemporaryTemplate for your JMSServer(s). "

Can anyone tell what is this error and how can we get rid of this?


I have created a temporary template and assigned it to the JMS Server from weblogic console and restarted my WM and i still see this error.


Never mind…after creating a template in the weblogic server for both the JMS server and the queue we have to recycle the JMS server since any changes to the attributes to the queue will take effect only after a restart. Issue resolved but wonder why this has not been documented anywhere by softwareAG (that we have to create a temporary template from the webogic side).