How to create xsd using Isschema?


I would suggest you to create a IS document from the Schema and then u can use the service WmPublic/pub.schema:createXSD to create xsd for that particular document.


How to Create the IS document using isschema?

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How to Create the IS document using isschema?

I have created the xsd using Isdocument by using WmPublic/pub.schema:createXSD.If iam trying recreate schema using the xsd which i have created.iam getting confilcts between existed schema and created new schema.

Whats your query?..can you elaborate if you are still facing this issue.


Hi ,
How to create IS Document using ISschema?

how to create isdocument using isschema?

how to create isdocument using isschema?

  1. For Flat File Schema: Please open the schma and go to Flat File structure tab, there you will find a document icon on right top corner, if you will click it, a document type will be created for you.

  2. If its a Xml Schema, Create the document by choosing a option to create a new document type ob right clicking on developer, you can directly locate the xml schema file on the local system.

let me know if you need any other input.