[ISS.0001.0001I] All licenses have been consumed


I’ve noticed that the following message is traced backed in IS server.log:
[ISS.0001.0001I] All licenses have been consumed.
I’m using webMethods 9.12.

I want to know if it’s an internal IS message. if so, what’s the meaning of the message?
Or it’s a message traced back by some custom code and then I will look for it.

I appreciate your help in advance.

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Definitely a IS message. Alas, the documentation does not add any clarity.

It possibly relates to the number of licensed sessions used/available. In IS Administrator on the Statistics page you’ll see a row labelled “Licensed Sessions” and a column on the far right labelled “Limit”.

In IS Administrator on the About page there is a “Get Diagnostics” button. Clicking that provides a .zip file. Within that file is a directory named config and within that is a file named LicenseInfo.txt.

This info may help determine the root issue. One possibility may be the Session Timeout that is configured in IS Administrator under Settings | Resources. That setting may need review.


@reamon has covered the reasons for this message. It is because of number of license seats available for your license. Please check how many number of Licensed sessions are available for your Integration Server, it appears that number of users trying to connect to IS exceeds the max number of licensed sessions allowed.


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under the Settings section there is an entry for Licensing, here you can check the exact licensed options.
It can also display the complete license xml file.


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My goodness how did I miss that!


Thanks for your responses.

I’ve verified the Licensing under Settings section and I see the following:
Concurrent Sessions : Unlimited

On the Statistics session, I see that the Limit of Licensed Sessions and Stateful Sessions is the same number of 10 digits (2XXXXXXXX7).

On Ressources, the session timeout is set to : 10min (default timeout).

How can the limit be reached if the number of sessions is unlimited?
If the session limit is reached, why is the message an INFO message only and not an ERROR message?
What is the impact of having this message on current and upcoming sessions in IS?

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Hi Reda,

might it be that it is not referring to the licensed sessions, but to some other licensing options i.e. CPU cores being consumed?

If you do not find any glue you might want to consider opening an incident via Empower eSupport to get this checked with Global Support.


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Hi Holger von Thomsen,

I’ve also noticed that the message in dispayed in the same time that some java code is calling Thread.sleep(50000).

I will open a ticket to Global Support.

Thanks for your advice.

Best regards,

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