[ISC.0042.9327] Expecting </_DOCUMENT_>

Hi All,

While processing one XML file i am getting the following error:

[ISC.0042.9327] Expecting </DOCUMENT> got .

when i checked the failed file found there were few tags missing in that, but later when i checked few files which are processed completely found that those files had differences in the tag orders and even few tags were missing.

So looks like the document structure is not making any difference and since the fields are non mandatory it is not the reason for the file to fail for processing.

The interesting part is I am getting this issue in Prod environment, the same file is processed successfully in test Env(though i have few scenarios where few files have failed in Testing env with the similar errors those are not the same as that of Prod Env).

Any ideas on this?

Kindly mention the service name which is throwing this error. From the first look of it I see this might be a data issue.

Each time its a different one…

but always one of these two:

pub.xml:getXMLNodeIterator or pub.xml:getNextXMLNode

Can you copy past the error dump from server.log. What I see is you are handling a large xml file using the xml node iterator in wM.