IS65 configuration on 64-bit platforms


We are currently evaluating the 64-bit platform in our QA environment and have experienced excellent performance boost.

With a 64-bit platfom, we are able to allocate 3 Gigs of heap size to the IS JVM.

I wish to know, if there are any more 64-bit specific IS configuration settings that can be made to enhance the throughput?

Please share your experiences.

Thanks for your feedback,

Based on preliminary performance info I’ve read, 64-bit will generally perform more slowly than 32-bit. Search the web for info. The main benefit of 64-bit is access to more memory.

My experience for the installations that use 64-bit is that the additional memory was a plus, and the performance difference was meaningless (speed difference wasn’t measured and for the hosted integrations, didn’t matter).

I’m not aware of IS config that can help, but I imagine that something may exist!

Thanks for the response.

In our case, the performace of the hosted integrations do matter a lot and with our load/performance testing we have observed significant improvement in the process performance. The process which usually used to take around 5-6 mins (on 32-bit) now takes just a few secs on 64-bit platform! I guess thats a substantial gain…

I’m wondering why people have a belief that 64-bit performs more slowly than 32-bit…are there any facts attached to this?

That is a good increase!

The info on the slower performance was from measurements that were posted somewhere. Unfortunately, I do not recall where I saw them. I believe it was a Sun article but don’t hold me to that.

This link
may have some interesting info.