Is wM 8.2 Broker compatible with wM 9.12 IS


We are planning to upgrade from wM 8.2 to wM 9.12 .

We are planning to use broker for messaging.

Is it necessary to upgrade broker from 8.2 to 9.6? Is wM 9.12 IS compatible with 8.2 broker?


Hi Deepika,

Broker8.2 should be working with wM 9.12, but you should definitely consider upgrading the Broker to 9.6 as Broker 9.6 is the last version of Broker.

Broker will be retired somewhere in the future and a migration to UM is neccessary when you are upgrading to 10.x.
The migration scripts will rely on Broker 9.6 then.


Thanks Holger for your response. Definitely, we would suggest this.