Is webMethods a MOM

Can somebody let me know if webMethods a message oriented middleware(MOM). If so how did achieve to be a MOM, what are the basic features:confused:.

webMethods is a company recently purchased by Software AG. webMethods sells many products including webMethods Broker which is one of the original products in the message-oriented middleware space. Several years ago, webMethods released a JMS-API for Broker called BrokerJMS that allows Broker to be a highly scalable, enterprise class JMS Provider.

You can learn about webMethods Broker and the other webMethods products on the webMethods Advantage website.


Thanks a lot !! It was of great help.

I would appreciate if you could provide me some more information on this.
I would like to know more about wmBroker, how it carries out the functionality of a MOM. Since we say that for a MOM set-up we need have it installed on both the server and client machines, how is this related to wmBroker.

Can you please provide me any presentation or any documents about MOM.:slight_smile:

Wolfe and Hophe’s Enterprise Integration Patterns book discusses many patterns or enterprise integration that involve use of message-oriented middleware. I found that all of these could be implemented in webMethods Broker or Broker + Integration Server.

The webMethods and webMethods Advantage websites would be great places to start for more information on Broker. Specifically the Publish Subscribe Developer’s Guide and the Broker Administrator’s Guide.

These documents are only available from webMethods. Please don’t ask members to send them to you.