IS Web service path without colon


We have created a bunch of web services which is consumed by a partner. The services are created in IS 7.1.2, and that´s causing some trouble (we use the built in web service descriptor to defined web services).

The problem is that the web service path contain a colon (":"), which causes problem for some of our partners.
They use custom tools to generate .Net proxies (for some pass-through services), and the tool tries to create an asmx file containing a color - which is not possible.

Sample path:

Generated partner path:

The problem here is that their tool tries to create an asmx file (physical file) with the name, which is not possible due to OS (win) limitaitons

Apparently it´s quite a big task to change this behaviour, so my question is:
Is it possible to have the IS skip the colon or to replace it with some other character?

This has haunted us for a while and any help highly is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Take a look to WebServices developers guide on pub.soap.handler:registerWmProvider

This will register a logical name for the handler, plus services for request/response/fault.

In this way you can now invoke http://host:port/soap/handlername and get rid of colon.


Thanks alot!
I´m gonna take a look at it right away :slight_smile:


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