Is web redirection possible from browse invoked service

Want to redirect page to a url after the service completes (passin output from service as parameter to the url)

Appreciate help- from people already familiar with this.

Experiment with a service output template; you can use javascript here to redirect to another URL.

This can be a messy strategy to follow if you need to do it for a variety of different services - if a URL alters, each output template needs updating individually, etc…

There’s probably a better solution out there.


If you want to redirect a page after the service completes then you can do this using javascript (location.href=‘url’:wink: and if you are sure that this has to be done after the service completes execution then you need to use a dsp rather than output template, as output template will pop up even before the service completes its exceution.


Cool Kalyana.

When I was doing this sort of thing, I had to put a time delay, using javascript, on the output template. I was still under the impression it would execute after the service completed. Looking forward to confirming your idea with a test.