IS TN and Developer 61 all with SP1 issues

Since installing SP1 I have noticed a fair bit of unusual behavior.
Currently running ID_6-1_SP1, IS6_1-FP2,IS6_1-SP1, TNS6-1_SP1, and TNC6-1_SP1.

  1. When TN pushes a largeDoc to a service, the bizdoc isLarge indicates true but the other largeDoc parameters are missing from the bizdoc. Tech support suggested using tn.doc:view which yielded the correct parameters but this has implications on existing code.

  2. TN Console displays the data with additional embedded CR/LF in the data. Tech support has escalated this to the engineers.

  3. When inserting an EDI X12 document with multiple transactions in it, it randomly does not process the Envelope only but the Group and Transactions are ok. Envelopes with single Transactions are processed fine.

  4. Last week I was able to open the same service twice in developer. Rather than jump to the original open tab it opened the service again under a new tab. The old tab was visible. Can’t remember if I could edit on both or not.

Anyone else running SP1?
Have you seen any of these issues or other strange behavior.
Let me know.


Ok let’s re-phase this.
Who’s using IS6_1-SP1 with EDI implementations?


Yemi Bedu

Yes,All happened after installing 6-1 SP1.
Tech support confirms #2 is an intended feature but IMOP it’s badly implemented.
SP1 was an upgrade not fresh install.
Don’t know about 6.0.1 as the admin group handles all of this. Segregation of duties.

Judging bye the responses I got, these problems may be unique to my environment. I am not responsible for the installs so who knows.