Is there something called Broker Manager?

Is there something called Broker Manager? could not find nay documentation for this in Advantage…

If you heard of this, could you please give me an overview


Hi Sunny,

what do you expect from a tool Broker Manager?

There is a “Broker Monitor”, which controls all Broker Servers and Broker on a system. Check for the Product Documentation “Broker” on Advantage Bookshelf.

The other thing I could imagine of is the BAM Solution, which contains a Manager, which can manage most of the wM Components (incl. BrokerServer/Broker). This can be found under “Manager” or “Optimize” on Advantage Bookshelf.


I think you’re looking for the broker administrator.
Try the web site http://:/WmBrokerAdmin

You can make territories and gateways and control client groups here. The manuals for the broker are under the directory
or if you don’t have access to the operating system, do to IS Administrator - help then Broker Documentation
The Developer tool’s help screens do not include links to the Administration documents.

Thanks for your replies,

I got confirmation that its Broker Monitor and not Broker Manager … miscommunication by my manager.


I don’t recall there being anything named “Broker Manager” per se. There used to be ActiveWorks Manager (before wM bought Active Software) which was renamed Enterprise Manager. These were used to manage Broker Servers and Brokers. These of course evolved into the WmBrokerAdmin package mentioned by others.

Attached is a screen shot from AW Manager. Long time gone!

It may be a thing of the past, but we still use it today with our 6.5 environment. It is far easier to navigate than the web interface if you want to see number of documents queued on a broker client or when the last document was queued of retrieved. I am a little hesitant to use them to update anything, especially in our production environment, since it isn’t supported with 6.x. But enterprise manager, along with document tracker, are tools that I will keep using as long as they keep working.:wink:

I use Document Tracker from time to time too–I wish we could update it so that it could handle the @ attribute fields.

I’m not looking forward to the day when these old tools stop working and the only UI we get is myWebMethods. Blech.

Yea, Rob I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a follow-on product to doc tracker. At least with enterprise mgr, you can get the same fuctionality with other tools, even if they are harder to use, but there is nothing that does what Document Tracker does, short of writing custom code for each document. I wish they would release the code to the community and we could turn it into an open source project.