Is there any day filter widget ?

Hello all,

I looking for any solution / any compoment to filter date data on day granularity or/and hour granularity.
Is there any day/hour filter widget that we can add to MashZone ?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Best regards,
Kim Teck

Actually, Mashzone has not an automaticaly day filter evaluated at start page.

First, you must create 2 Date inputs ( day-before and day-after ) .

You must evaluate 2 Text inputs from datafeeds which you calculate two days : day-0 and day+1 for example.
After on each text inputs, use ‘Action’>‘on selection change’>set selection>drag and drop the date type you want to evaluate with ( day-before with day-0 or day-after with day+1 ).
finally, you must hide the 2 text type ont the grid behind and another component.

and save all.