Is there any ADABAS utility that tells me what type of access a file has.

I have a question, there is an ADABAS utility that tells me what access types an ADABAS file has, (example. INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, FIND, READ, GET AND HISTOGRAM) the purpose is to delete ADABAS files that are no longer used.



There is a simple way to do this which dates back to tape files. You simply removed the tape from the library and waited to see if anyone asks for it.
For an Adabas file, simply lock the file and see if anyone gets an error message.


There is an Adabas operator command "DFILESTAT " that reports number of commands by file. You could schedule this either as an operator command or ADAOPR utility to run the command.

If your database is shutdown periodically (daily, weekly, monthly…) you can also check the shutdown statistics to see which files had commands against them and compare that to which files are defined on your database (compare with ADAREP, for example).

Once you’ve selected inactive files, use Steve’s trick (another ADAOPR/operator command, LOCKF) to lock the file until you’re convinced it is unused.

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Thanks for the prompt response, I find it very practical to keep the file locked, regarding the DFILESTAT command I did not find any reference in the ADA version V.8.2.6 Z / OS Mainframe.

Thanks for your valuable help

Apologies - DFILESTAT was introduced with Adabas 8.3.

You’re probably aware of course that 8.2 has been out of maintenance since end of 2016.

Douglas Thanks , I know that we are not updated in the versions of ADABAS and NATURAL but I have to find a solution to this problem, there are many ADABAS files that are only accessed by READ and it has been a long time since they have not received update records and my mission is to delete files that are no longer used.