Is there a way to programmatically unlock services?

In our webMethods 9.5 environment, we have a continuous integration solution that automatically deploys webMethods packages from Git to our DEV servers. However, these automatic deployments frequently run into problems because there are often services checked out on the development servers (for debugging, testing, and sometimes development [though this is explicitly noted as a bad practice]). We are planning to lock down the development server soon and transfer completely over to local development, but, in the meantime, it would be beneficial to be able to lock all services on the server at the end of each business day. Since it’s nearly impossible to rely on each developer to remember to do this consistently, an automated solution would be optimal.

To that end, is there any known way to programmatically unlock services on an Integration Server? Having a scheduled webMethods service, a Java plugin that runs in Jenkins, or even an ANT script that could perform this task would be highly beneficial.


You can unlock all the services on your IS in one go.

Did you explore the services in WmRoot package?

There is a page in the IS console from which you can unlock services. I’d look into the source code of that page to find out which service is called to do this.