Is there a way to list the elements of a package ? (processes,documents, else)


I’d like to get the dependencies of a package, and record them for later analizing.
Already got the processes to check for references and dependecies from the WmRoot package.
-wm.server.ns.dependency:getReferenced - and - wm.server.ns.dependency:getDepentent -
( I know, they are not public, and can change, still they’ll suffice for now.)

Furthermore, the wm.server.packages:packageInfo gives a string list, containing all of the processes of the package,
but I’d like to run the checking processes on every other element as well ( documents, schemas, whatever)

Do you know a way to achieve this ?

wm.server.ns.dependency:getReferenced - and - wm.server.ns.dependency:getDepentent - should also work for each IS documents, schemas and so on

Did you try?

Since it is WmRoot package you have to use this at your own risk :slight_smile:

Can you explain your requirement in-brief? So that I can provide my views…

yeah they work, but I want to automate the process and not feed the items one-by-one :slight_smile:
and so i want to generate a string list, containing all the items (processes, docs, and so on), that i can loop the checking processes on.

I want to write a service with a single “PACKAGE” input, and working itself over the whole package without any further input.

Possible… we can discuss more on this feel free to contact me on my email.

Your webMethods version?

I actually managed to solve the problem.

the wm.server.ns:getNodeList service returns the elements of a given level in a package.
bulding a recursive service to map the whole package, this gives us all the contents.

Then invoking wm.server.ns.dependency:getReferenced and wm.server.ns.dependency:getDependent
gives all the info needed.

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:



Hello Richard,

You can use the service wm.server.packages.adminui:packageInfo which gives you the list of all type of elements present in the given package.

So that you can avoid the recursive logic what you are building to get the elements information.

Let me know your thoughts!!