Is there a SOAP API to access CentraSite

Hi all

Is there a SOAP API to access internal elements, instead of using Java API.

BR Niels Greve Andersen


some of the asset importers can be reached through a SOAP service. However no general CRUD or Query API based on SOAP exists as of today.


Is there any documentations availabe what is currently supported ?

Hi Niels,
please access the URL http://localhost:53307/wsstack/services/listServices where you can access the WSDLs for the XSD, WSDL and BPEL importers. From there you can e.g. use the SoapUI or other tools to generate and digest the correct SOAP messages.
BTW, UDDI has a SOAP access as well, the services registered there are afterwards also visible in CentraSite but if you have the WSDL; please use the direct WSDL importer from http://localhost:53307/wsstack/services/listServices.