IS strange behaviour

Hi All,

I have strange issue with IS. I have a flow service which will be invoked through an external application via Http. I get 3 different responses. Sometimes I get access denied, sometimes it runs successfully without throwing any error(after running for many hours, 19 hrs) and sometimes it says read error connection reset by peer.

I don’t even see access denied message in the serverlogs. But the error code I see in the external application is [ISS.0084.9004] acess denied. The IS version is 7.1

It response it not consistent and I don’t know where to start. PLzz…Help me out.


Can you provide the code of the external application? Perhaps someone can see what might be causing the issue.


What is the ACL set for these services which are being executed by external client?


If you have this service on multiple integration servers and accessing it via a load balancer then this kind of intermittent issue could be faced due to any of the internal integration servers are having any problem.

Hi all…Thanks for your quick responses…

@reamon: I dont have the code which invokes IS service. but it is invoked through AppWorx.

It can be also be invoked through other application called CNET. But I am not sure if the error can be reproduced if CNET is used.
The code used by CNET
wget -v --tries=1 -T 0 --auth-no-challenge --http-user= --http-password=http://:5555/invoke/


The ACL for this service is (inherited). If this is a ACL problem Don’t we get access denied every time we try to invoke the service?


The environment is clustered and it uses load balancer. It seems like what you are saying might be correct. But http request is not via load balancer. As I mentioned above it is using the hostname/IP of a one of clustered servers. So the request is directly hitting one of the servers.

The error code you have mentioned ([ISS.0084.9004]), is generated by the IS, however if you are not able to see any reference to it in the IS logs then I would suspect if you are looking at the correct IS (from where this error was generated).

It might be helpful to increase the log level of your IS and observe the entries.