IS start up performance

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Is there any method to identify the bottle necks in IS server start up performnace? IS server performance was very bad in one of our production environment. Its taking very long time for starting the server. please let me know if anybody has encountered any similar situation like this or any idea based on experience.



Did you check server logs to see what the problem is?. If you didn’t please check server logs and verify at which point its taking long time.

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Common issues affecting startup:

  • lots of packages
  • startup services in those packages
  • adapter connections taking time to timeout
    In 8.2 there’s new functionality to use multiple threads to load packages… But you have to be careful to set up your package dependencies properly.

Could also be slow disk impacting things, or not enough memory allocated to the IS (e.g. this will make it absolutely crawl).

Our v7 dev environment takes around half an hour to restart because it has a massive number of packages…

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Thanks for your response…

I have done many preliminary checks such as checking all types of logs, verifying the configuration files etc…But, one thing that I have observed is it is taking more time while performing each action during IS start up i.e starting dispatchers, loading packages, initializing ports, connections etc… Also, the RAM memory is good (enough memory is allocated to IS)…

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Shriraksha A N