Is SOAP/JMS Web service registerable and discoverable in centrasite

Hi all,
assuming that soap/jms is not a standard, I have realized a web service in Tibco Suite, how can make a call from centrasite. generally, when we call a third JMS provider we must add specific jars to make it run.
How we should do that in centrasite ?

Hi Amine DJELIL,

In CentraSite, you can register a following type of Services soap1.1 over http, soap1.2 over http and soap over jms.
You need to register Virtual Service in CentraSite and deploy into the Mediator. Please find the attached document for configuring JMS Protocol in Mediator and CentraSite.

Magesh N.S

JMSTransportProtocolSupportConfigurationInstructions.doc (1.65 MB)