IS shutting down by default after starting the server

Hi Experts,

IS (9.0) getting shutdown after starting ther server (by running the command server.bat)

Below are the extract from server.log - Your response would be more helpful

2016-02-19 08:05:29 CET [ISS.0025.0057I] Reading system level information
2016-02-19 08:05:29 CET [ISS.0025.0016I] Config File Directory Saved
2016-02-19 08:05:29 CET [ISS.0014.0005I] Shutting down server. Shutting Down…
2016-02-19 08:05:29 CET [ISS.0070.0029I] Stopping listeners from accepting new requests.
2016-02-19 08:05:29 CET [ISS.0028.0015I] WmTomcat: Shutdown service (wm.tomcat.admin:shutdown)
2016-02-19 08:05:29 CET [ISS.0100.0010C] Web Container shutdown completed
2016-02-19 08:05:29 CET [ISS.0028.0015I] WmJDBCAdapter: Shutdown service (wm.adapter.wmjdbc.admin:unregisterAdapter)

Note: Guessing this issue due to expiry of license, any idea where to check the license details

You can find license details @ “{SoftwareAG Install dir}\IntegrationServer\config\licenseKey.xml” (before WM 9.5) and at “{SoftwareAG Install dir}\IntegrationServer\instances\default\config\licenseKey.xml” (from WM 9.6)

Any reason why you are not using OSGI-Profiles instead of “server.bat” to start the IS?

Thanks for the response Prasad (Nice to see you through this forum after many years)

Seems license expired

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>

-<SoftwareAG_License> - 0000022452 2682352EC1200B7FDFAF02B6DBB89EDE CU CU 1 Internal - 2015/12/31 w2008, win7_pro PIE wM Integration Server 9.0 Production

Note: Don’t have much exposure to OSGI profiles - checking it…