IS shutdown automatically

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I’m using 6.1 and I have 2 IS which shared the Broker. One of IS got shutdown automatically. I dont know why IS got shutdown and not have any log on the server log.

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In order to diagnose

  • Increase the log level and wait for the problem to reappear
  • check the console output of IS (perhaps in a nohup file if running in background on unix)
  • check the error log
  • How is the broker configured in the 2 IS? Do they share a queue or have a different one?
  • How did you created the 2 IS? If one is a copy of the first, you need to delete dispatch,cfg and reconfigure the broker. Otherwise they can not be properly distinguished by Broker.

Thanks a lot

My IS is runniung on solaris and I’ve already did reconfigure dispatcher and broker. Once my IS start for couple of week or a month, the IS process is disappear and not have any log in server*.log

I found this error in nohup.out

Is this exception cause the IS down automatically?

imho this must be answered by SAG technical support, but running an IS for several weeks or months is avery long time and a lot of reasons can cause an interrupt. It may even be something on the hosting system sending signals to long running processes. Therefore the diagnosis can only be done on your side.


Have you checked your JVM ? Perhaps it ran out of resources due to memory unrelease or such …

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How do you start and shutdown IS? are there any unix scripts which do this? or do you do it manually?


There might be several reasons for its interruption…Is this a PRD IS?

Could be the Broker error can cause IS failure…

Have you contacted SAG tech support also?


Stopping : Personally, I’m calling shutdown service using wget in a shell script but you can find some examples using java prog. Do a search on this forum, (“shutdown” or in my own posts).

Starting : it simply to launch wM’s (well, I have added several security in order to avoid parallel/concurent starting but it’s depend on your environment).



That message “was” normal when license expired. Due a IOException.

If you have unlimited date for license, it might indicate you got over allowed number of sessions?

If you are still running 6.1 forget contacting support, they will refuse as that version is in EOS cicle :frowning:

Good luck.

thanks for all answer.

My IS is using version 6.1, and start server by using command “nohup ./ &”. and JVM is find.

I’m also see the file name “damage…log” in DocumentStore. What is the meaning of this actually and When does it occur?

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