IS server error.. Help needed urgently

Hi all,

we have upgraded the database from Oracle 9i to 10G. From then on, we have been seeing this below error in IS server logs. Its happening every minute.

Couldnt connect to profile store to get context for polling [TRNSERV.000011.000030]
Data for column ActivityLog.FullMessage will not fit. So, truncating it from 1949 characters to 1024 characters. [TRNSERV.000016.000054]

Anyone faced this issue or know whats happening… Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Shiva Juluru

That warning message only means that one of your services is attempting to use to log a messages to the TN activity log that is longer than the limit of 1024. Assuming this is coming from a custom service, you can use a MAP step with a pub.string:substring transformer to log only the allowed number of characters.



Thanks Mark. I do understand what you meant. is used across many interfaces and the error doesnt really say which interface is throwing the error. I think its hard labour work to find and see which interface is inserting the long messages.

Thanks again for your information.

Not hard, but tedious. Now you know, however, that you can make these changes at your leisure since this is only a warning message.

Right-click on in the WmTN package and choose “Find Dependents”. This will identify each service that uses Hand that list to a newby and let him/her go to it.




We are also getting this error message in our server logs many times.
I tried to find service usage on my server, but could not find it. We are not using this service in our code.

So not able to find the cause of this message. Also there is nothing mentioned on Empower site too.

Any thoughts/suggestions will be appreciated.


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