Is running DB Configurator against Oracle DB using ASM possible?


I am currently trying to prepare an Oracle 12c Database (which uses ASM for the Tablespaces) for our new wM 9.12 production.

Which tablespace directory needs to be specified in this case in DB Configurator when using automatic Tablespace and User creation?

Is this possible, or do I need to ask my DBA to reinstall the Database without using ASM?


Do talk to your DBA. There shouldn’t be a need to ditch ASM, but helping the DBA understand what happens should help him understand what happens when new users/tablespaces are created.
The big thing in ASM is the A for Automatic. So it should automatically assign and (re-)configure the data and optimise it for performance etc.

Hi Mike,

thanks for your reply.

Meanwhile I have talked to my DBA and we got it working with ASM now.

The only thing is that we now have to specify a different value for the tablespace directory in DB Configurator UI.