Is Oracle datatype 'Timestamp with Time zone' supported?

I have a database table with dataype defined as “Timestamp with Time Zone” but when I create insert jdbc adapter service for this table, it does not provide any datatype in the template and also input parameter created for this column does not accept any value.

I am creating a new Java object of following class to assign a value to this database field.


Does anyone know whether webMethods support this datatype?

Please check this Empower thread and see if that is applicable for your expecting solution:|TIMESTAMP&SessionID=269120729


Is this issue fixed or still open?


Thanks for sharing the link about JDBC fix but it does not solve the problem. It is talking about the datatype “Timestamp” but the one we are using is datatype “Timestamp with Time zone” which is an oracle data type and maps to JDBC data class “oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPTZ” which is included in ojdbc14.jar.

Currently our database tables are defined with datatype as “Timestamp with Time zone” and when we create JDBC adapter services, it is not able to handle it properly and does not even map to any JDBC data type. That is not allowing to set any input value run time. I have attached a screenshot which may make it easy to understand.

Let me know if you need more information or you find any possible solution.


OK please raise a ticket with SAG support in the mean time and make sure you give full IS/JDBC Adapter and fix details and your DB backend details.



depending on your JVM and DatabaseVersion you should consider a newer version of the driver har.

The number indicates the minimum JVM-Version supported.

ojdbc5.jar (no longer availabe for Oracle 12c and newer due to EOL-Enforcements).
ojdbc7.jar (avaiblable from Oracle 12c onwards, but should work with Oracle 10g and 11g as well).

All these Drivers are available from Oracle TechNet (OTN), which requires a free registration:

It can be that this special datatype is only supported in Native (OCI) mode and not in Thin mode.

The JDBC Adapters User Guide should contain informations about that.