IS lost the connection wtih the Broker.Why?

In my IS-Broker-IS solution,I publish some documents to Broker from one IS,and another IS subscribes them.The issue is,when I publish too many,in the beginning all work fine,but after a while the IS subscribing documents will throw out a exception “[LGU.0002.0001E] Error getting Broker log length:Unable to send to Broker.Error ‘ closed’ was reported by the send call” ceaselessly and the connection is lost.The trigger is configed “Exactly-once” mode,and the platform is webMethods 6.1.

Make sure only one of your Integration Servers has the package WmLogUtil package enabled.

Have a look at the file readme.txt in the WmLogUtil package folder:


It says:

  • webMethods Broker allows for one connection to the Broker Log
    Queue at a time. For this reason, you must configure a single
    Logging Utility for each Broker. Refer to the Logging Utility
    documentation for instructions on how to configure the Logging
    Utility and the Broker connection.

I’m not sure if this is causing your problem, but I have seen the error message “Error getting Broker log length” because WmLogUtil was enabled on more than one integration server connected to the same broker.



Thanks very much for your words.I have done it according what you said,and “[LGU.0002.0001E] Error getting Broker log length …” exception disappear,but a new exception occurs,it is “[ISS.0098.0049C]Exception:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError while executing trigger.Rejecting Document for TriggerStore:trigger:SubEDI850”.
I think why this exception occurs is that I assign a little memory to the webMethods Java Heap.My machine have two 2.0G P4 CPUs and 1G memory running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server,and I just assign 512M memory to the java heap of webMethods.Is it right,or hava another reason?

Wayne, you can also look at the Broker 61 core fix 2 which addressed the broker log length issue as described below.

Event logging subsystem hangs if Broker tries to delete documents before they
are sent.

If the Broker server attempts to delete documents in the logging queue before
receiving notification from the network that the documents were sent, the event
logging subsystem can hang. When this occurs, the logging utility generates the
message “Error getting broker log length. The request timed out.” This fix
resolves the issue by waiting for documents to be sent by the network before
deleting them.