Is it possible to modify adapter settings after service been created

As title, the adapter settings tap become readonly once i create adapter services, is there any way to do some modify on it? Thanks in advance.

I you want to change the “Adapter Connection Name” you can try “WmART/”.

There is also an “adapterServiceSettings” document in input, perhaps to change the other parameters but it must depend on the type of the adapter you use (JDBC, MQ…)

you can use the WmART/ service to change the adapter service connection.

Please refer to the documentation webMethods IS Built-in Services Reference that can found at

Ths for reply, i have tried but do not know how to use this service.
What should [connectionAlias] exactly be? i got error on it.

Its pretty straight forward… Provide the Adapter service namespace path for the input ‘serviceName’ and new connection name for ‘connectionAlias’. Reload the package… Your existing adapter will change the connection from XYZ to ZYX…

The Settings tab in Adapter services will not be editable by any chance…


Thanks Senthil, it works. :proud:

I used the WmART/ service to change the adapter connection of a BatchInsert adapter service. The adapter connection changed after running the service and reloading the package. But the INSERT tab is gone and all the inputs and outputs are gone.
The Adapter Service Template is now instead of BatchInsertSQL.
Am I missing something here.

Thanks in advance.

maybe it is because the service u are using, i take it work with updateAdapterServiceNode , but seems u are using setAdapterServiceNodeConnection . i think the update function will be more logically in this case.
but i am not sure, u can try it.

Thank you for the timely response. I tried using updateAdapterServiceNode too. I got the same results.

Such problems occurs sometimes if you dont have fix installed. Are you with latest fix for JDBC adapter?


Hi Senthil,
I am using webMethods 6.5. Is this an issue?

No. Check the fix level for JDBC Adapter. IS Admin page > About… Latest fix from Empower site is [COLOR=#5767a3]JDBC_6.5_Fix36 - JDBC_6.5_Fix36 - 10/19/2012[/color]


Thank you Senthil. I will check this.