Is it neccessary to Restart the IS after the model deployment?


I deployed many models using the Wm 7.1x WmDeployer.But everytime after the deployment When I enable the process in the MWS ,I notice that the process is enabled in the MWS but not in the WmPRT DashBoard.So I always take the approach of restarting the IS after the deployment in order to see the model as enabled in the WmPRT DashBoard.

Could anyone please suggest me an alternative other than a IS Restart for this.

Thanks in Advance,
Vishnu Charan.T

You can enable the model using the service “wm.prt.model:enableProcess”, this service takes the process key and process version as input and enables the process model both in PRT Db/PE.

Hi DevExpert,

Is there any other way the model gets enabled in the PRT dashboard soon after it is enabled in the MWS , without invoking this service.

Vishnu Charan.T

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