IS inserts the word bnullb in between XML tags

Scope: All Outbound TDX Transactions using recordToDocument

Impact: Validation on the vendor’s end fails due to the unexpected null
values between xml tags or that vendors may not be able to correctly map
the data on their server.

Details and Findings:

Investigations show the following:

  1. Issue started occuring after a system reboot.
  2. It was resolved by a 2nd reboot.
  3. No change was put into production which may have caused the issue.
  4. Affects all TDX Products that is generating the xmldata string using
    the IS Built-in service recordToDocument.
  5. All data integrity for data mapping is intact within the IS services.
    Issue with null values being inserted between xml tags is happening within the recordToDocument built-in service.
  6. The issue has already occured before, and was solved through a reboot
    We were not able to replicate the issue then.

Errors from IS logs are as follows:-
2005-06-05 11:51:04 EDT java.
2005-06-06 06:46:21 EDT com.wm.
util.LocalizedException: Service record argument in RecordToDocument is