IS Hangs when processing large volume of files

RMG or Experts,
Our IS hangs while processing 100 to 200 files in TN.I dont know if its a problem on IS or TN.Could any one please tell me best settings on TN and IS to handle large volumes.we have 2 gb ram on our dev.


It sounds like a sizing issue. Have you used the sizing guide in GEAR to see if your IS/TN installation can be reasonably expected to handle that load? Number of files, their sizes, the specifics of your processing, etc. all factor in.

Could you please let me know which white paper you are referening to

White Papers
GEAR 6 Canonical Strategy White Paper 418 k
GEAR 6 Building Integration Competency Centers White Paper 358 k
GEAR 6 Collaborative Development White Paper 751 k
GEAR 6 Deployment White Papers 2.0 MB
GEAR 6 Developers Handbook 724 k
GEAR 6 Error Handling White Paper 451 k
GEAR 6 High Availability White Paper 996 k
GEAR 6 Integration Pitfalls White Paper 239 k
GEAR 6 Mapping Best Practices White Paper 847 k
GEAR 6 Offshore Methodology White Paper 794 k
GEAR 6 Performance Tuning White Paper 264 k
GEAR 6 Security White Paper 1.5 MB
GEAR 6 WmDB White Paper 362 k
Thank You



Look in this document,it covers IS/TN runtime performance tuning tips P.23:
GEAR 6 Performance Tuning White Paper

Also look at the TN DB side aswell with a DBA help…


It’s not a white paper. It’s a worksheet under the Templates and Tools sections.

GEAR 6.5 Capacity Planning & Sizing Model Spreadsheet
GEAR 6 Capacity Planning Spreadsheet

There’s more than you may need, but hopefully it will help you determine if your hardware is sufficient for the expected load.

You may also find the following white papers helpful.

GEAR 6.5 Performance Tuning
GEAR 6 Performance Tuning White Paper