IS getting disconnected from Broker


IS 2 server in active-active mode. Version 7.1.2
Broker 2 in virtual RDM mapping in active passive mode.

IS getting disconnecting very frequently from broker because of each there huge business impact.

2010-09-20 13:02:32 BST [ISS.0098.0036E] DefaultProducer encountered Transport Exception: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Connection Closed (103-1070): The connection is closed. (Shared Broker@wwubh01CL61:6849)

After restart it work fine.

Let me know your inputs.
Thanks in Advance

Check these couple of articles on advantage:

Applies to IS/Broker 7.1.2

Timeout settings adjusted

old 6.1:

Applying pthread patch (PHCO_31553) for OS solved the thread blocking issue.


How did you create the 2 IS? Are they installed independently?

Why I’m asking:

Sometimes additional IS are created by copying an already existing one. If you did so, this created one Problem:

In a cluster, the client prefix must be identical, but certain id’s in dispatch.cnf (defining the broker connectivity) must be unique, even inside a cluster). If the dispatch.cnf files are identically, this causes randomly looking disconnects from the broker.
If you suspect this to be the cause of the problem, delete the dispatch.cnf (and it’s copy in backup) from the config dir and redefine the Broker connection manually in the IS Administration.

This advise comes without guarantee. If this is an important environment (nearly everything not on your local PC) you should contact SAG support first.