IS Crashes while recieving IDoc

I am working on webMethods IS version 6.5 and have SAP Adapter 4.6
I have adapter configured for applicatin A.
Now the problem is when ever I receive a IDoc , my server crashes creating a core file.
Can some one please help me on this.
Very urgent.

Thanks in Advance,

Your best bet is probably opening a ticket with wM tech support. They have the expertise to know how to interpret the dump file to see what was happening. They may ask you to upgrade the SAP Adapter since 4.6 is in “Sustained Support.”

Sorry Im using wM 6.1 and its th end of maintainace,
SO my guess wM support wudnt b able to help m a lot.
We tried to change the heapsize in but it didnt work.
Can i try any workaround.
Please suggest.


They will provide phone/web assistance for 6.1 and the 4.6 adapter. They just won’t create any new fix if that’s what ends up being needed. Are there service packs or fix packs available for either that might address the problem?

Were there any exceptions/errors in the log file leading up to the JVM crash?

We’ll need more information about the adapter configuration, how things are configured for handling the IDoc, etc. If the crash is repeatable you might put debugLog steps in to figure out exactly where the crash occurs.


What is the size of IDOC received? does the crash occurs for the every IDOC received? Do you see highi memory usage before crash?if yes, try running jprofiler and check cause of it…