IS craches following arrivlal of idocs from SAP

Hello all.

We have a critical issue because our Go live is imminent…

SAP adapter used : 6.5
IS version : 6.5 SP1

We use Change pointer mechanism on SAP to replicate SAP data into a local database located on the same physical machine than our IS.
Every nigths a job is scheduled to replicate sap objects that have been modified. It concerns about 15 different objects (materials, source list, prices, routings, boms, customers, vendors …)
To do it, we use a SAP Table BDCP : when a SAP object is modified, if configuration concerning change pointer is set for this kind of object, a pointer is set on this object. Using RBDMIDOC job then RSEOUT00 job (standard SAP program), we can create and send idocs containing modified data of all modified objects having such a pointer.

Many different idocs are sent and all are processed on the same way :

  • Pack of idocs sent by SAP are Recognized by SAP Adapter 6.5 => transmitted to IS service with an ALE notification
  • Each pack of idocs is cut out into singular XML representing one idoc and all idocs are transmitted to Trading Network 6.5 (in order to be reprocessed individually incase of error)
  • A TN rule triggers an execution service responsible for inserting / updating data into a local specific database using WmDB package (startTransaction, update / insert…, commit or rollback if errros… and clear transaction)

The number of idocs sent depends on the number of modified data in SAP
Enough frequently, we can find in SAP SM58 transaction a TID with status “System Failed” and message “Error in target system”
This message had carried out an IS crash !

In server.log, we can’t find anything interresting (logging level = 8)
In WmSAP log : last line is
2006-11-28 21:00:18.013 CET 0A3C02B20E40456C95460130 Created

SAP Transaction (TID) has been created but something appends that crashes server.

Where can we find more information (interresting logs) to be able to analyse and correct our issue ?
As logs don’t give details, we don’t exactly know if the problem comes from SAP Adapter package, Trading Networks package or WmDB package (This latter is used to update local tables with SAP data)

Do you have an idea of solution or action to do to progress ?

Our Configuration of heap size :

  • set JAVA_MIN_MEM=768M
  • set JAVA_MAX_MEM=1536M
    Is it adapted knowing we are on Windows server 2003 with 3 Gb RAM
    SQL Server 2000 SP3 is also installed on the machine.

Which paramter can we modify ? (Global, SAP Adapter, TN, …)

Thank a lot for every element…
Best Regards,

Hi J.C.,

did you check the error.log and System.out-Output for further information?

Please provide the exact SP/Fix Versions for IS, TN, SAP.
Which JVM are you using? IBM (no longer supported)? SUN?
Please provide the output of “java -version” for the JVM being used.

Maybe switching from WmDB to WmJDBCAdapter might help a little bit.


Holger, Thanks for your response.

"did you check the error.log and System.out-Output for further information? "

We had configured IS to log in database.
If I check in the IS console Logs > Error, I can see nothing about crash

Where can I find System.out-Output ???
What is it ?

"Please provide the exact SP/Fix Versions for IS, TN, SAP. "

I.S version : 6.5
Fix : IS_6-5_SP1

TN 6.5
Fix : TNS_6-5_Fix16

SAP : 6.5
Fix : WmSAP_6-5-0_Fix4

"Please provide the output of “java -version” for the JVM being used. "

Java : SUN 1.4.2_11 (48.0)

“Maybe switching from WmDB to WmJDBCAdapter might help a little bit”.

Is it ironical ? Or must we change it absolutly ?

Change Java_MAX _MEM from 1208. Our IS was crashing because of higher value for MAX MEM and it it doing well since we reduced it. We are running on Windows too.

Thanks, I’m going to try…
What about minimum value : is 768 ok ?

Hi J.C.,

if you are running your IS on Windows in Command Window, you will find the System.out-Output in this window.

If you are running IS on UNIX, you should start your server with “nohup &”,; which will create a file called nohup.out in your <IS_ROOT>/bin-directory. In this nohup.out you will find the System.out-Output.

If running on Windows as a NTService, it is much harder to get the System.out-Output.

Please check for the WmWin32-Fixes regarding the JVM-Change from IBM to SUN. Might be an issue with the different webMethods-DLLs. See Critical Announcements for details.

About the Database packages:
It was just a question. Please check
as well.



Did you get your problem resolved? We are also experiencing a 6.5 IS crash on Windows that receives IDOCs from SAP. We are on Sun’s JVM 1.4.2. We run IS as a service. Our current JVM memory settings are:

set JAVA_MAX_MEM=1024M

We’ve been testing for about 3 weeks and it just started happening yesterday, but has now happened 5 times. We are running a lot of interfaces so we haven’t been able to isolate the offending transaction yet.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.