IS clustering

Hi All,

I have 2 individual IS nodes and they are not in cluster.

Now I want to handle below scenario but not able to handle due to they are not in cluster.

Scenarios: I have a jms standard trigger with processing mode as serial and acknwlowledg mode as client acknowledge on each IS node.

Now I want, when more than one messages pushed to UM queue one by one then first message should be picked up by one node and until the subscriber services execution completes, second message should not be picked up by any node.

Can any one let me know if I can achieve this in Active Active clustering where both nodes will be in active mode.What property we need to change for this in tc-config.xml

You haven’t mentioned the version of IS and UM.
Until 10.0, IS JMS trigger do NOT support serial processing.
This feature is introduced in 10.1. In 10.1, you need to create Connection factory configured with Durable Type set to serial.