IS Cluster configuration in Command Central


I am using webMethods 9.9
Please tell step by step process for Integration Server cluster creation in Command Central.

Thanks in Advance.

  • Have at least one Terracotta server installed, configured and running and listening on tchost:tsaport.
  • Have at least one Integration server / instance installed and running

Open each IS_ / Integration Server component > Configuration tab in CC Web UI
Select Cluster, click Edit
Set enabled = Yes
Enter Cluster Name: enter some unique name, e.g iscluster1
Enter Terracotta server array URL’s as: tchost:tsaport
NOTE: if your TC setup is an array with two/more master/slave stripes, add tshost:tsaport for each stripe.
Save changes

NOTE1: IS core JDBC pool must point to an RDMS. You cannot cluster IS with internal/Derby db.
NOTE2: All IS instances that are part of the cluster must point to the same core db and the same TC cluster

Restart IS