IS can't start when run bin\server.exe

Dear all,
Would you do me a favor on this IS issue:
Support IS1 be my old one,and IS2 the new installed.
I installed the two IS using the same image,but forgot to change the default port 5555,then i start IS2,it’s OK,but IS1‘s out of work,which go directly to IS2 when start IS1;then i un-installed IS2, and discovered that IS1 can’t start by run server.exe,but it will be ok running server.bat,you know,it’s promote line,any interrupt will stop IS1 once closING the command line or with CTRL+C,it’s really unconvenient.
Additionally,It’s not LOCKFILE issue.
So how to recover it and solve this issue,Thanks a lot.


Even though if you don’t change the port number of newly installed IS at the time of installation, you can always go to “<IS_Directory>\IntegrationServer\config” folder and change that value in port.cnf file. Try changing the port values and start the IS.

maybe you should go for previous date where you installed and try to run it.
Just try this, but iam not very sure.

Hi Talha Khan,
U r right,it’s ok now following your tips,many thanks.

Anyway,we can use this scipt insteading of command line startup:
set WshShell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
cmd=WshShell.RUN(“cmd /c start /b server.bat -port 5555”, runhide)

Sava in folder “<IS_Directory>\IntegrationServer\bin” as server.vbs

Hi srinadh,
Thanks all the same.i have try but in vain.

Glad it worked

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