IS Broker package 46 vs ES 411

Has anyone did this successfully?

We have no problem connecting (or set up the Broker Alias) from B2B 4.0.1 to ES 4.1.1 using B2B-ES Bridge 2.0, but it seems that I can not use the new version of B2B (IS 4.6) with new Bridge (Broker Package 4.6) to connect to ES 4.1.1. (I could use the old Bridge connect to the new ES though.)

I’m wondering if the failure was due to some of the configuration or there is actually a problem with the new IS/Broker Package working with the old ES.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Let me answer my own question since I just found the answer. The answer is in the readme file and here it is:

  • If you plan to configure a Broker Alias for a Broker Version
    4.1.1, you must install 411GAPatch-SP3-broker (EBK411SP3)
    patch in order to connect WmEnterprise Package clients to the
    Enterprise Server Version 4.1.1. For instructions on
    downloading and installing the 411GAPatch-SP3-broker patch,
    contact webMethods Support.

I’ll post a follow up only if this approch doesn’t help.