IS amp TN on AIX with DB2

Hi folks,

I’m sure someone out there has worked on an IBM/AIX platform with DB2. I am looking for help with the following issues that have been raised:

  1. DB2 is not supported by webMethods with respect to TN. We are working with WM to resolve this issue.

  2. We have not acquired the hardware (gee, wish it were SUN), but expect to get the latest OS. Any ideas relating to OS patches that we need to be aware of?

  3. JVM: I’m guessing I’ll need to use the IBM JVM for this? Are there any relevant JVM patches that should be applied?

  4. JDBC Drivers. Anyone have any issues with the IBM JDBC driver for DB2?

  5. DB2: I’ve seen a lot of issues relating to this database. Can anyone describe to me in a nutshell what I can expect? I’m used to working with Oracle.

  6. We will also be introducing WM ENT. 5.0 into the mix as well. Are there any issues (besides the obvious point of failure concerns) with running Enterprise on the same box as IS and TN?

  7. The implementation will have a set of load balanced/clustered reverse invoke servers on the DMZ. The backend will contain a set of WM clustered TN/IS servers. The same machines (IS/TN) will also contain Enterprise (but the boxes will not be clustered, hence a higher possibliity of failure.) The DB resides separately on a hardware clustered box.

Thanks in advance.

Ray “from down under” Moser

I was just informed that we will be running a hardware-based cluster (I misspoke) on the boxes, so my next question is:

Has anyone successfully clustered AIX running ES, IS/TN all together in a harmonious atmosphere?