Is a webmethod flow thread safe

I have multiple clients accessing my flow from outside through webmethods java client code.

what if two clients come in at the same time does webmethod puts one of them in wait till one is completed I just couldn’t find any documentation that would give me my answer.

I create a unique no for each file they send in and i am having problem with unique no’s being jumbled up ( meaning if two clients upload there file at a time in the system they are getting assigned a unique no but when i pass them back the unique no back to the client they are getting back the one that is assigned to the other)

any help would be appreciated.

when multiple clients access the same flow service, multiple threads are allocated from thread pool to handle each request. An easy test is to write a service to sleep for a few seconds. Invoke it from multiple browsers, and check the statistic from administration on the thread usage. You’ll see everytime when you invoke, the thread usage increase.

You did not mention how you assign this unique no. If the unique number is from shared resource, you have to synchronize that shared resource. The concept is actually similar to servlet.