[IS 8.2.1] Connectivity problems with the broker


We have a problem in our production environnement in 8.2.1 version.

The platform worked well for several days, but we suddenly had connectivity problems with our broker :

2012-03-05 15:09:44 MET [ISS.0098.0049C] Exception:com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.exceptions.EndpointUnavailableException: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Timeout (112-1450): The request timed out.
while executing trigger. Unable to ack Document for TriggerStore:wm.prt.status:controlTrigger.

In the myWebmethods server, the broker seems to work fine. We can see connected clients, broker name, ect.

For information, the IntegrationServer, the myWebmethods server and the broker are on the same host.

Have you any idea ?

PS : I’m new on this forum, sorry for my english and tell me if I forgot informations :).




Is your Broker Server Running ? Could you check that once and also rename the document store and restart the server, this type of error can be seen when the document store is corrupted.


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