IS 7.1 clustering : issues using solaris containers


I have a physical server, holding three containers. Each container is configured to have a unique IP and the IS run on the port 10000 on each container. I want to cluster the Integration servers running on the three containers. But when I try to cluster the IS, the IS instead of taking the IP of the container, takes the IP of the physical server. which means while clustering , all the containers are considered as the same single instance which does not give way to add another server from a different container to the cluster.

awaiting for your suggesstions.

Thanks in advance.

I think there is some material in the docs or on Advantage for how to bind IS to a particular IP.

For me this sounds like a problem in the container/zone configuration (Assuming container means a clustered zone). On Solaris the zone should take care of offering adresses on it’s own IP. We are using zones with IS in it as well as other apps offering IP adresses and they just bind to the IP of the zone without problems. So I recommend checking the zone configuration.
If you want to test for yourself just use another small ap opening a port and check to which IP this one binds.



Hi Rob and Martin,

Thanks for sharing your suggestions. I will let you with my advancement.



For configuring an IS cluster (I am assuming you are on 7.x), you need to have the following:-
Data Port
Discovery Address
Discovery Port

There is a Java API( tangosol.jar) to test the above 3 ports.
Not sure how can I send you the documentation.
Frankly, IS clustering is more of a headache than a value add.


I agree that you should check if you really need a cluster because it need additional work and must be taken into account for every integration you develop. Most of the needs can be adresses without using a cluster.
But for some scenarios it’s a way to go and still easiers than using external solutions like hardware clustering. I’ve good experiences so far using a couple of IS clusters.

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