IS 7.1.1 Clustering

IS clustering concept have been changed in new version 7.1.1. I want to cluster two IS servers running on two different machines. I refer the IS clustering guide and followed the steps for cluster configuration but I am not able to see the cluster servers in Settings >> Clustering Cluster Hosts. I am following the steps given below on both the IS servers.

  1. All IS jdbc pools are configured to same database.
  2. Enabled the clustering with default parameters and Cluster name DEV_CLUST

Please let me know if I need to do anything else than this.


The IP address must be through and you should have uniq port

Hi Sam

We are using same DB for both servers and followed the IS clustering guide as it says provided same discovery address/port on both servers and provided data port different on both servers,restarted both the IS,I am unable to see 2 cluster nodes and no errors in logs…Could you tell me where am i doing wrong…



Please check multicast is enabled between two servers. You can check that with the tangosol.jar file comes with the webMethods installation.