IS 6.5 SP2 on Windows 2003 Server 64-bit?

We have been running IS 6.1 on two different Windows 2003 Servers since last summer. One is a 2003 32-bit the other one 2003 64-bit. We purchased those through Oracle as part of our EnterpriseOne WSG package under Enterprise Tools 8.96. Well, this year we upgraded our EnterpriseOne to Tools 8.97 and the Windows version of IS that oracle provided us with for 8.97 is IS 6.5 SP2 - however the standard IS image that we got for install does not work under the 64-bit Windows. we get an error message to obtain the 64-bit Image of the IS package for install.

I am waiting to hear back from Oracle on the availability of such a version so I was just wondering whether anybody else already has IS 6.5 installed on a Windows 2003 64-bit box? I contacted webMethods directly also today but they said we have to go through Oracle on this one.

The 6.5 Upgrade to the 32bit Windows Server went without any problems. It is running in production since last week Monday.

Any comments are appreciated.


From the SP2 Enhancements and Fixes doc:

Windows 2003 Certification
Integration Server now supports the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64 bit operating system using a 64 bit JDK 1.5.

Is the error occurring at install time? Perhaps a different/updated installer is needed?


thanks for the quick reply. yes it is right after I click on the bat file to start the install process. I guess I have to wait for Oracle to provide me with the correct 64-bit certified image. At least I know now for sure that webMethods has a version of IS 6.5 SP2 that works under 2003 server 64-bit.

The error messages states that I need a 64-bit image file for the install… let’s hope it doesn’t take Oracle to long to send it to us.