IS 6.5 soapResponseData truncated when invoking .Net-provided operations over HTTPS

Recently, I ran into an issue invoking a web service operation provided by a partner who implemented the operation using C# .Net.

When the operation was invoked over HTTPS using pub.client:soapHTTP, the soap response was truncated such that only the line (XML version) was returned.

To attempt to isolate the problem, I confirmed that the .Net operation could be successfully invoked from a third-party web services testing tool (Parasoft SOATest) and that it could be invoked using pub.client:http to post the soap request in string form (as long as http headers were provided for content-type and SOAPAction set to the value specified in the WSDL).

When both of these worked, I contacted WM Support. I was pleasantly surprised :slight_smile: that a very knowledgeable and persistent tech services rep researched the issue until he found that this had supposedly been fixed in IS_6-5_SP1_SrvPrtcl_Fix2 but did not work correctly until IS_6-5_SP1_SrvPrtcl_Fix5. (this fix will be included in IS 6.5 SP2.).

I applied the later fix and retested setting the new loadAs parameter to “byteArrayStream”. While this parameter existed in pub.client:soapHTTP previously, it did not exist in pub.client:http until Fix5. The soap response was no longer truncated.

BTW, setting the loadAs parameter to a value of other than “byteArrayStream” will reproduce the original issue. Also, failing to populate the loadAs parm, resulted in a “java.lang.ClassCastException:” being returned to Developer.


Did you happen to get a timeframe for the release of the IS 6.5 SP2? Do also know if they are going to include support for HTTP 1.1 in this release along with the updated schema support? Or are we going to have to wait until 7.1 for that?

They had indicated that IS 6.5 SP2 would be released before the end of 2006. My tech services agent thought that SP2 was in internal testing but did not know of an official release data.

I wasn’t expecting HTTP 1.1. support in SP2, but maybe I missed that little detail.


Looks like 12/22/2006 might be the release date for IS 6.5 SP2. No guarantees implied, given or even remotely considered.

No word yet on whether HTTP 1.1 will be in IS 6.5 SP2.