IS 6.5 performance issues with IP restrictions

I have created a new HTTP port and have put IP restrictions against it. I have noticed significant response degredation when the restrictions are enabled. what would take 150ms now takes 1000ms.

Has anyone encountered the same thing?

IS 6.5 sp3
Mainframe adapter
Sun jvm

Are you restricting by DNS or IP? Are you setting a lot of values? One thing to check is if your DNS server is responding promptly to queries.

I am restricting by IP and I have 20-25 IP addresses allowed. I am not using DNS addresses. I am also using specific addresses and not using a range.

Is it the same with one address in the list or does it get worse the more you add? You may need to open a ticket on this as it should not degrade that much.

I have not tried it with one address. I do have a ticket open but have not gotten anywhere with it.