IS 46 and Siebel 7

Does IS 4.6 support connectivity to Siebel 7?

I’m not too clear on IS in general when it comes to the concept of ES Adapters… My understanding is that IS provides packages/services to access other backend systems… this is similar to ES providing Adapters… so as an example IS has ODBC service while ES has ODBC Adapter…

Can I assume that there is a Siebel Service for IS 4.6? we have a Siebel FAT client (my understanding is that this is a COM layer for Siebel access)…

If IS 4.6 can talk to Siebel, where is the package/service? Any pointers on how I can get it?


One of the “fun” things about working with webMethods products are the name games. The main product names have changed a few times, and they can’t seem to make up their mind on adapter vs. module vs. connector vs. onramp…

The main difference between ES and IS adapters is how you access their functionality. For ES, the adapter needs to receive a document (in another fun name game these used be called events and are also referred to as messages). For IS, you invoke services provided by the adapter package.

IS does indeed have adapters–they just aren’t always called that. There is a Seibel Adapter available for the IS environment. Undoubtedly an extra-cost item. Contact your account rep for details. They will most likely provide a trial for you to check things out. Version 2.1 “supports Siebel 7 through both the Windows Thin Client and using Java Data Bean communication.”

IS can also interact with COM objects directly. This might be an option for you, if you don’t mind doing a bit of extra work compared to using the adapter. It’s a trade-off between license cost vs. development cost.

Good luck!

Just for fun, here are the product names that I know about, in reverse chronology:

webMethods Broker (also referred to on the wM site as Message Broker)
webMethods Enterprise Server
ActiveWorks (the name of the product before and for one version after wM bought Active Software)

webMethods Integration Server
webMethods B2B Server
(undoubtedly there was a name before this–anyone remember?)

Of course many people just say “I installed webMethods and I’m having a problem…” :wink: It’s interesting that we consistently want to use the company name to refer to a product rather than the product name:

Netscape–There has never been a product named Netscape AFAIK, but we also use that instead of Navigator.
Lotus–Had lots of products, but everyone said Lotus instead of 1-2-3.
TIBCO–Similar to webMethods in that there are several products so saying “I have a question about TIBCO” is ambiguous.

Noone says “I just installed IBM” or “I ran into a problem running Microsoft”.

Just an observation. Not particularly interesting or relevant or funny…

Good observations Rob - although I’m about to grab a KLEENEX for my runny nose, type some calculations into my HP, XEROX some reports and FEDEX them to the satellite office while I gulp down some STARBUCKS. ;o)


webMethods Integration Server
webMethods B2B Server
webMethods B2B Integration Server
web automation toolkit

hence the “watt.” on the names of the server.cnf variables. Don’t ask me where the extra ‘t’ came from…

Many times we are just kidding about the new name for IS could be “wM Integration Integrator Server” :slight_smile:



A Google search for “web automation toolkit” brings up a list of several announcements and articles that are truly a blast from the past. Web Automation Toolkit apparently was the free version of Web Automation Server, the precursor to IS. A couple of links:

Ah, the humble (a much less expensive!) beginnings of IS…