IS 10.7 Cannot Create Cluster

Hello, need some help with an IS startup issue.

Creating a simple 2-node IS cluster with TC. Successfully started up each IS individually (can connect to IS Admin page). Also successfully started up both TC instances and they have automatically clustered:

I have gone into ISAdmin → Settings → Clustering and added both TC server arrays:

However upon IS restart the IS fails to join cluster. I’ve attached the server.log. Any issues that jump out at anyone here?
server.log (42.5 KB)

In the server log, you will see this error message:
License key file D:\SoftwareAG107\common\conf\terracotta-license.key does not exist or cannot be read

Please make sure you’ve got a valid license key file at that location.


I just noticed that as well. I have our TC license key at \…\SoftwareAG107\Terracotta. But it seems it’s required in two locations? I’ll copy it there as well and report back

Relatedly, you’ll want to assess whether or not a cluster is really necessary. There are a couple of really old threads that cover what IS clustering does and perhaps more importantly what it does not do. It is useful for some specific things, and necessary in a couple. But for the most part, not needed. If you don’t really need it, can avoid the setup and support administrivia.

that worked, cheers

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