IP Address Caching issue


our webmethods server is pointed to a 3DNS.
Behind that 3 DNS our parnter has 2 load balancers one in ca and one in OH.
When we do a nslookup it returns us one of the parnter ip’s on a round robin basis . we are caching those ip’s which is causing problem for partner. i would like to delete this caching. i came toknow there is a jvm parameter by which i can change that behavior, but i am not sure what is that parameter and where can i find that parameter. Please let me know where can i find that JVM parameter and what value i have to set to take out this caching.

THanks in advance


Hi Reamon,

THanks for the quick response, appreciated. Can you please let me know what parameter i have to change in webmethods integration server to set ip address caching for 60 sec?

THanks in advance


It is a JVM setting. You do not need to change IS settings.

Modify server.bat/server.sh to add the command-line properties (the properties starting with sun.net). Or modify the java.security file located in %JRE%\lib\security of the JVM you’re using to run IS (the networkaddress properties).

I would suggest setting the TTL to 0 so that the JVM never caches. You’ll also want to set negative.ttl to 0 to never cache failed lookups.