IoT Tech Talk - C# Microservice Development


As a successor of the IoT Developer Events I wanted to try out a new format which I call “IoT Tech Talk”.

The format is quickly described: I pick an interesting Tech / Developer Topic, invite people who are related and talk to them.
In the conversation, we will talk and share some experiences that might be also interesting to you.

In the first IoT Tech Talk, I invited @jan-michel.gehrmann and @Joerg_Hartmann to talk about their experience developing c# microservice for Cumulocity IoT.

I really enjoyed the first talk and looking forward to a lot of others!
I’m also very interested in getting your feedback about it.

Special perk for the IoT Community Awards

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200 points claimed by @codrelphi

When Jan-Michel did the last commit to the mentioned open-source project before the Tech Talk recording? (mentioned in the video)



IoT Tech Talk: Great idea @Stefan_Witschel

I hope you will invite one day SAG people to talk about IPaaS and Super IPaaS. :slight_smile:

@Stefan_Witschel the last changes made by @jan-michel.gehrmann has been made 2 hours before the talk. That’s mean, 27 March 2024 around 8:20 AM in your local time. :smiley:

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@codrelphi Correct answer, congratulations! The only thing that is missing that you are not part of the Cumulocity IoT group :wink:

@Stefan_Witschel It will be fair if the half of the points (ie 100 points) is added to my group points (webMethods).
@toni.petrov What do you think about it ?

Cumulocity seems like be a good technology but we are not using it in my job nor in the country I am living in. :slight_smile:
Moreover I’ev enjoyed the talk. Thanks.

Sure thing :slight_smile: