IoT Developer Event Series

IoT Developer Event Series - Upcoming Events

At beginning of June we kicked of the new series of Events with focus for IoT Developers.
The first topic was about CI/CD with Cumulocity IoT. You can watch the recording here:


Upcoming topics

Table done right

The next event is scheduled on 18th of July with the topic Table done right! - How to use the c8y-data-grid in custom IoT Web Applications presented by @Hendrik_Naether1

Topics which are covered:

  • What is the c8y-data-grid component?
  • What are the benefits using it?
  • Multiple Examples of using the c8y-data-grid

You can register yourself here:

Jump-Start your Cumulocity microservice project

On 24th of August @apes will give insights on the topic Jump-Start your next Cumulocity microservice project in java.

Topics which are covered:

  • How to quickly setup your Cumulocity microservice project using Java & Microservice SDK
  • Show you best practices how to develop a microservice
  • Using Templates for Microservices

You can register yourself here:

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Event topic discussion

If you’re interested in additional topics which haven’t been covered yet I’m very happy to get your ideas. Just comment here or write me a PM.


Please add a comment here with topics you wish to have covered in future events!