IO Adapter Polling Interval

I have installed the IO Adapter with a polling interval of 10 seconds.

I would like to override this at the configured operation level. But, on the properties tab this option is greyed out.

Can anyone explain why, and whether there is a way to activate this option.


Mark Daly.
Innotrac Corporation.


I believe there is no ways to activate.

My suggestion is better to re-install I/O adapter ,since i strongly believe that there might be some problem when you configured using Adapter configuration tool.

It’s got nothing to do with the installation - it’s not available on configured op level - only on adapter level. It’s applicable only on polling, therefore decide how important it is and lower/ increase your count on adapter level.

yes i may be wrong its nothing to do with installation.

But the Acutal problem was in configured operation level,on the properties tab its greying out ,so how to activate option and override in configured operation level not in the Adapter level?